How to Boost your Photography Business – make $460/day

Hi everyone!

Today the tip will be very interesting and I hope that by the end of this post you will understand and try to apply this to your photography business.

Someone told me: “I am so discouraged with my photography business. I will put my camera aside for a while and look for a real job”. I came to him with a very cool tip that he did it and made $460 in 6 hours! That is the todays tip for your.

If you are not working for an agency or own a studio in a cool location, you are more likely to go on your own and find people to photoshoot for, to make a profit. According to an article i read on the internet, “The average photographer salary in the USA is $61,953 per year or $31.77 per hour” (Internet source). Now wow! I know, right? However, this is for those photographer that have studios, and/or work for an agency, tv, etc. If you do not fit on these positions then you need to be creative and come up with ideas to boost your business and make a nice profit and I will tell you a genius idea.

If your photography business has a Facebook fan page and it has a nice amount of likes, people are going to trust your work and book with you. Everyone when wants to hire a service they check their Facebook fan page first to see if they are good, right? My friend has over 2k likes, reviews and nice work.

Here is first step first, create an event on your page. Depend the season your region is, you can do a mini spring session, back to school mini session, sunflower mini session, bluebonnet mini session, Easter, Halloween, so on. Pick a theme. It is better if you have already a previous session from what you are creating. For exemplo, have a previous back to school session? Then you can use those pictures to advertise the event. People want to see your previous work from the mini session theme you are currently creating.

After choosing the theme, look for a place either a public park or your house, because you do not want to spend with renting places, you want to make a profit. This friend choose a bluebonnet field at a public park. Then, you create the event on your page one month in advance. Choose a nice picture that you took, do not pick pictures from the internet. It has to be your. Don’t cheat on your clients. Then, set a day and time, and write a description for the event. While writing the description, don’t forget to mention you are going to stay there from, for example, 10am-2pm, and that the slots are limited. You can choose how long the session is going to be, 15 or 20 minutes I’d recommend. Do not write on the description the charging fee, simply write “message for more information”.

Then, you PROMOTE your post. Now, this is the key to get clients. When you promote your post on Facebook depending on how much you will pay to Facebook pop your post on other peoples account, as much money you pay the more facebook accounts they will show your event. My friend boosted the post for 2 days paying $2.50 per day. The media already tells you the average people will possibly see and click on it. You choose where you want it to show, in your city and/or region. Then, click on boost, wait for it to be reviewed and boom! It is active. Now just wait.

Whenever you receive message, usually they will send “how much for the session?” Now, the fee you can choose which ever you feel comfortable with. Value your work, your time going there, your time editing. It is very important that when the person contact you for more information, have a nice text ready saved on your notes, to send to them. Don’t just write the price. Say thank you for reaching to us, explain your work and how long you have been shooting, why you created the event, then you say the price. Along with that, say the spots are limited and half deposit is required to hold the slot, because if they pay half in advanced then they will have to go, and if they miss it you keep the money for your time being there, correct? Nothing to loose. They will take it more seriously. They will tell your the time they want and book the slot.

This friend of mine got so many messages that he could not manage it! He booked 10 people for 20 min slots and charged $40 per session, now, there was someone that wanted to pay more for more time and specific theme, so he got an extra $60. And there were still more people wanting. But he had set a goal of 10 and didn’t plan for a long shooting. He made $460 in just 6 hours, this is $76.66 dollars per hour on a Saturday! Cool, huh?

Now go and make some money!!!! šŸ˜‰


Thank you for stopping by today!


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