Understanding Cameras – From Cameraphone to dSLR

When you go to the store to buy a camera you are more likely to ask the seller what is the best camera. He will ask what type of photography you want and how much you are willing to pay for it. Most of the people like the idea of having “that big camera” usually called dSLR – digital single lens reflex – because they look cool and professional, however, once you have it, you don’t know what to do and what all those buttons are for. Anyone can have a dSLR as long as they know its functions. Otherwise, don’t spend your money on them, unless you plan to study photography and invest on the career. There are many cameras out there that have great functionality and even have zoom lens – attached – that could do a good job, just be creative and rock it.

Now let’s learn a little bit about cameras.


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It has a fixed lens and minimal control over exposures, but with the advantage that you will have it on hand at all times.


  • Fixed lens
  • Few manual controls
  • Easy to share images
  • Small, discreet, and pocketable



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A modest zoom range and primal automatic controls makes this an ideal point-and-shoot camera.


  • Zoom lens covering wide to telephoto focal lengths
  • Automatic/semi-automatic shooting models
  • JPEG only
  • Small and pocketable



Resultado de imagem para SONY CYBER SHOT PNG IMAGE

Provides manual control, and in some cases RAW file – image format like JPEG, but uncompressed, unedited, and larger – capture, with the convenience of a portable size.


  • Zoom lens covering wide to telephone focal lengths
  • Automatic and manual shooting modes
  • Range of creative controls
  • Raw and JPEG capture
  • Small and pocketable



Resultado de imagem para bridge superzoom sony camera PNG

Combine dSLR styling and features (including manual control) with a wide-ranging zoom lens.


  • All-encompassing zoom lens covering wide to super-telephoto focal lengths
  • Non-interchangeable lens
  • Small, compact-camera sized
  • Automatica and manual shooting modes
  • Full range of creative controls
  • dSRL-style handling



Imagem relacionada

A full range of automatic, manual, and creative controls, plus interchangeable lenses, all in a small camera body.


  • Interchangeable lenses
  • High quality dSLR-sized sensor
  • Fully automatic to fully manual control
  • Full range of creative controls
  • Raw and JPEG capture
  • Electronic viewfinder
  • Compact and dSLR-style camera bodies available



Resultado de imagem para DSLR PNG

A tried-and-tested design and the favored camera of countless enthusiasts and professional photographers. Canon has many cameras level in the dSLR list that goes from EOS REBEL to EOS R (latest version launched in October 2018) from beginner to advanced level and updated features. I can do another post about canon cameras, since I have been using them for a while and have experiences with it – plus I love the brand.


  • Wide range of lenses and accessories
  • Full-frame and sub-full-frame sensor sizes available
  • Full manual control over all aspects of your photography
  • Raw and JPEG image capture
  • Optical through-the-lens viewfinder
  • Ergonomic design


So here you go. Now you have a little bit of information about the cameras on the market and have some idea on what to choose to buy. Again, do not invest in those expensive cameras unless you are really interested to go into the field and become a professional photographer, and invest in the accessories – they aren’t cheap. Overall, I hope the post helps you to find the camera that fits you and your budget. 🙂







Source used: “The Beginner’s Photography Guide” DK


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