I was always worried about how I look when I am photo shooting.  It is very important to know how, or practice at home. How? Set your phone to record you and start photo shooting around. Watch and see what you need to work on to look as professional as ever while taking pictures. You can also ask someone – if you can, to record you while in a session, because that is when you really can see the way you hold your camera or how you stand while taking pictures.

Holding your camera the right way is indeed the very best method for photographers who wish to minimize camera shake. Get your right hand to grip the camera firmly while your left hand supports the camera from beneath the lens. Doing this will vastly minimize camera shake when you press the shutter release button. This makes it easier to shoot sharper photographs with slower shutter speeds.


– Don’t hold your camera on both sides. When you need to adjust your zoom, your left hand will move to adjust it and that leaves your right hand to be the only support of your camera. Hence, your DSLR will not be held properly, leading to camera shake.

– Never use just your fingers to hold the camera on both sides. As long as your hand is not holding the camera from underneath, there really isn’t a better way to handhold your camera to provide support and minimize camera shake. It really is important that your left hand supports your camera from beneath it.


– The one thing you must do when using lenses that are heavy is to support your DSLR from underneath. If the lens you use is heavy, your whole camera will tip forward. Even the smallest camera shake will be emphasized by the narrow angle of view.

– Grip the camera from beneath for optimal support.

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